What is Digital Cheer Squad?

Get your most passionate fans to promote your brand or teamDigital Cheer Squad is a web application that grades a social media fan based upon the support they show for your team or brand via Twitter and Facebook.

For the fans Digital Cheer Squad offers a frequent flyer rewards system from their social media support for your team.

It can provide “a social bump” to any promotion or campaign as your most avid fans are ready & waiting to amplify your social content via Facebook Likes & Twitter retweets.

Fans love being recognised by their beloved team or brand, Digital Cheer Squad offers your team & your sponsors a way to reward fans using gamification to keep the fans having fun & more importantly engaged.

Digital Cheer Squad helps your brand connect with your most avid fans!

Digital Cheer Squad can…

  • Identify you passionate social media fans
  • Drive Facebook fans to Twitter to cross promote both platforms
  • Encourage your fan to engage with your team the way you want them to
  • Connect your sponsors to your digital fan base
  • Help you shape the Twitter conversation around your team
  • Provides lift to all campaigns on your social media platforms
  • Drive sponsorship revenue via Digital Cheer Squad advertising properties
  • Deepens your relationship with your fans
  • Provide reports on how engaged your fans are online
  • Acquire social media fans emails for your customer database

Build your team’s digital footprint


The West Coast Eagles version of Digital Cheer Squad is presented by BankWestDigital Cheer Squad will be integrated into your website to include your styling & branding.  It will be a strong traffic source as fans return to search for new hints to improve their rating.

At the Timberwolves 10% of the fan base refreshed their personal Digital Cheer Squad page for new hints over 15 times on the first day of launch.

West Coast Eagles have BankWest as presenting partner & Brisbane Lions have sold adverts & rules to Aussie Farmer’s Direct.

This allows your team to offer a strong digital property for sponsors including Presenting Partner, Ladder, Personal & Footer adverts.

New revenue streams and way to engage your fans with your sponsors

Fan Engagement

Want to drive your fans engagement levels on Facebook & Twitter?Digital Cheer Squad is a fan training tool, it shows fans how to be the best social media fan they can be.  Rules are developed to drive fans towards goals you set, the fans get hints via Digital Cheer Squad so they can improve their ranking.

  • Follow rules – which Twitter accounts to follow – Team, Coach, Players, Sponsors
  • Like rules – Which Facebook fan pages to like – Team, Coach, Athlete & Sponsor
  • RT rules – which Twitter accounts to retweet
  • Hashtag rules – which hashtags to use to shape the conversation & drive promotions
  • Share rules – websites to share on Twitter & Facebook

You help shape and manage social media conversations

Data Acquisition

Digital Cheer Squad is driven by rules to drive the fans to your goals.  As emails are captured as part of the game element of Digital Cheer Squad they are qualified & come from your most avid fans.

As Digital Cheer Squad assesses each fan’s social media activity we can provide valuable reports on that activity such as:

  • Follow reports – % of your fans following all accounts suggested by Digital Cheer Squad
  • Hashtag usage – % & frequency of fan’s using your hashtags for promotions
  • RT usage – frequency & reach of your hashtags with your fan base
  • Facebook engagement – HOw many likes & comments your Digital Cheer Squad delivers

Email addresses of fans and statistics on your social media effectiveness

Sports DP at NBA Draft

Here is how Digital Cheer Squad (originally known as Sports DP) was explained to Minnesota Timberwolves fans at the 2011 NBA Draft, please check out the TWolves case study.

Eagles & The Swoop

The Swoop has been a HUGE success for the West Coast Eagles giving the Eagles a social media marketing platform to who fans how to support the Eagles online.

Launch Stats

The Swoop by the Numbers (after 15 hours!)

  • 250 fans signed up in 4 hours
  • Trending in Perth on launch night – #theswoop, #flytheflag, #goeagles
  • 3000+ page views in first 15 hours of launch
  • 35 fans checked 10+ times
  • 72 clicks on Fly The Flag ad
  • 10K+ impressions via Facebook sharing from Fans

What did The Swoop deliver?

  • Super excited & activated digital fans
  • Highly sticky page where fans would check their score
  • New inventory items for West Coast to sell to sponsors
  • Easy to understand social promotional platform for Facebook AND Twitter
  • Helped transition Facebook fans to Twitter with simple hints to follow accounts, players & hashtags
  • Delivered Eagles fans to secondary accounts such as players & mascots

Check out The Swoop for yourself.

In Action

Here is an embedded version (below) of True Blue HQ – from the on Auckland Blues.

Stay tuned for implementations with West Coast Eagles, Adelaide Crows, South Sydney Rabbitohs and North Queensland Cowboys in the next month.

Digibattle – Lions Vs Eagles

With Brisbane Lions & West Coast Eagles both with Digital Cheer Squad rollouts, Sports Geek was able to pit both team’s fans against each other online over the weekend.

Watch the results from the Digibattle, full results at Sports Geek.